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The Conference, dedicated to 135 years Acad. Leo Berg, will take place in Bendery, Moldova, on March 11, 2011.


This is the name of the brochure issued by the Polish NGO “Ziarno” from the Slubice town near Plock, which realized together with Moldavian NGO “Ormax” from Drochia the project “Sustainable future of Moldavian villages – the Polish and Moldavian perspective”.

Ghidul judecătorului în materia aplicării Convenţiei de la Aarhus

The Eco-TIRAS published the Guide for Moldavian judges on application of the Aarhus Convention. Image


In October and November 2010 Eco-TIRAS together with the National Institute of Justiceorganized two seminars for Moldavian judges on implementation of the Access to Justice in frames of the Aarhus Convention.